Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Special Edition Blog Post: My Year in Review at OCVTS

I usually only post my recipes to this blog, but since tomorrow is the first day of summer, I wanted to share with you all my amazing experience this year at Ocean County Vocational Technical School's Culinary Arts Program.
This year has definitely been one I will never forget! Every day at OCVTS I learned something new, and enjoyed every second of class. I started my year off by learning how to work the front of the house in the dining room with Chef Bruce. I discovered, by being in this class, that I love the hospitality aspect in the culinary arts field! 
After learning about working the front of the house, I baked many delicious treats in the bakery with Chef Jill and Chef Dennis! Lastly, I finished the year by being in the place that I love the most: the kitchen! Chef Rose Anne was the instructor for this class. In this class, I improved my knife skills, learned various cooking techniques, cooked for breakfast banquets, and cooked on the line for afternoon lunches.
Everyone at OCVTS, including the instructors, faculty, and staff are so talented in their fields and are so encouraging to the students. Thank you Chef Bruce, Chef Jill, Chef Rose Anne, Chef John, Chef Dennis, Chef Gary, Chef Kevin, and Chef Joe! I can't speak highly enough about this school and how amazing all of the programs are! 
This fall, I will be attending Johnson and Wales University, to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts! I was accepted into this program a year early! I will be sharing updates on what I am cooking and experiencing during my time at Johnson and Wales here on this blog!


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  1. for a mere young girl, reading what you wrote made me understand just how in love, you are, with learning how to pursue your
    culinary life.stay on this great path; you found your yellowbrick road. Enjoy the journey.